Oppo to launch F5 6GB Black Edition

KATHMANDU: doxycycline pharmacy. #Order Doxycycline levitra 20mg. #Levitra without prescription. how to make levitra more effective. . where to buy doxycycline over the counter. A�Oppo, the selfie expert and leader, is all set to launch the Oppo F5 6GB after the branda��s recent launch of the Oppo F5.

The Oppo F5 6GB in Black Edition is to give Oppo fans and the youth choices to suit their needs, as per a media release.

Oppo F5 6GB will have a larger storage and a better processor with 6GB RAM plus 64GB ROM with a fashionable black appearance. The product comes with ground-breaking technology which is designed to personalise beautification for subjects on a selfie image. With more than 200 facial recognition spots that reference the image against a global database of human faces to learn facial features, shapes and structures, F5 can distinguish each persona��s face features from skin tone and type, gender, age and more.

The phone sports six-inch FHD+ full screen display, the 18:9 display offering vivid and colourful visuals in a compact body and an extremely narrow frame.

a�?This is the first time a mid-range smartphone is equipped with such clear and vivid full screen display.a�?

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