Music video resonating Nepala��s diverse topography and culture released

fluconazole canada pharmacy. #Buy Diflucan Canada. diflucan one where to buy in usa. zoloft reviews for anxiety. #Zoloft reviews. zoloft vs prozac. KATHMANDU: A promotional music video showcasing Nepala��s pristine landscapes and cultural heritage sites has been launched with a prime objective to promote Nepala��s tourism.

The Nepal Tourism BoardA� released the song a�?Chahara a�� maa�� last week to promote tourism in Nepal.

Penned by Nepala��s renowned poet, Viplob Pratik, and sung by Nhyoo Bajracharya, who also composed it, the song was filmed in different parts of the country. The song reflects the countrya��s diverse topography with one of the worlda��s most varying altitudes.

The song has been directed by Soorya Baral, who also performs in the video. Director Baral believes that the song and music video such as this one, and the first of its kind, will no doubt give boost to the domestic tourism in Nepal once it is disseminated properly.

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